Self Storage Pros and Cons

The self storage industry in the country is one of those sectors that have been consistently thriving in the last few years. The self storage business is one of the most lucrative ones as there are always people who are in the process of moving houses or commercial establishments. Furthermore, space is slowly becoming one of the major concerns of all businesses and commercial ventures, not to mention private owners. Owing to the professional profits of such a venture, and the fact that the demand for self storage facilities is perpetually high, there exist numerable options of facilities for any prospective customer to choose from. However, the selection process is where most people flounder and get confused. It is not easy to select a good storage facility without appropriate research and knowledge. Following are some tips for a prospective customer on how to analyze the pros and cons of a self storage facility.


The location of the storage facility should be the first thing to be analyzed. A self storage facility, far from the target house or office would lead to a lot of time and money being wasted on transporting the belongings. Therefore, the closer the unit, the more cost effective and efficient becomes the whole process, for the renter.


The size of the storage facility, as is obvious, is also important. It would certainly not do for the prospective customer to select a facility that does not have storage units of the right size with respect to his or her needs. This would result in the prospective customer having to go through the whole selection process again, or settle for a storage unit that is either too big or too small.


Different renters use storage spaces for multiple purposes and multiple types of belongings. Depending on the exact kind of use that the self storage facility is being put through, the prospective customer will have to decide the kind of services he or she will need in order to keep his or her items intact. Although these services result in extra charges, they are sometimes crucial for the belongings’ safety. For example, pieces of art such as paintings require the right kind of temperature to survive without damage. Some services that can be acquired are climate control, extra security, pick up and drop of belongings, etc.


The person looking to rent the storage space from the self storage facility should ensure that he or she has an established budget and that he or she adheres to it strictly. It is not uncommon for a prospective renter to end up spending much more than what he or she had estimated in the beginning. The prospective renter should take into account the kind of deposit that is required, extra services that he may require, default fines, etc. He should be aware of the fact that repetitive defaulting of monthly rentals leads to the belongings in the storage space being confiscated.

After all, can’t you just go ahead and ask someone else to do it for you? Well, it’s not quite that easy. But, then again, it could be. So the question is – what are a few pros and cons of self storage?


First of all, you get to handle your stuff. No one else – it’s just you. This is a pretty good thing since you don’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t care all that much about your stuff tossing it around. So, in short, you don’t have to worry about anything getting broken by other people.

This means that if someone does happen to go into your storage without you know, they’ll have it on tape and might even catch them before they even come out. Or before they get in. However, if they don’t have the key, they’ll have to go through some work in order to get it.


As for cons, you have to understand that not all storage companies actually put tapes in their cameras.

If someone has your code and can pick locks, they might be able to get into your storage anyways. However, lock picks are illegal and it normally takes a few minutes to pick a lock-in order to see what they were doing, they’d need light.