Need a Short Term Storage?

If a company offers short term storage, there are two questions that you’re going to need to ask them. You’re going to need establish how much volume you can store with them, and how long. Short term can mean very different things to different companies. Don’t assume that a company will be able to meet your actual storage needs just because they advertise that they offer short term storage. Be sure to see exactly what this entails before you make yourself a plan based on the new service you plan on purchasing.

Although most courier companies have some sort of short term storage solution available by now, many more have also ventured into a full scale warehousing operation. Most couriers that are larger than a few man operation that only operates in a single city have some kind of warehousing available. Again though, the smaller the company, the most limited the available space may be. If you need storage with a smaller company it is always best to get your request in as early as possible. That is the best way to ensure that you’re going to receive the storage space that you want, otherwise you may find that they are at capacity by the time you place your request.

This type of storage may be something that you should be looking for in a courier company. It is much easier to have this option with your existing courier company and courier account rather than having to find a new company in order to provide you with a combined delivery service and special storage option when your company grows and this becomes something more useful to you.

The easiest way to guess whether or not a courier company is going to have short term storage available is based on the size of the company. The larger the size of the courier company, the more likely it is that they have this option available. This is simply due to reasons of space. Any amount of storage, for any length of time, is going to require available space, which costs money. Larger companies are more likely to have the required resources to maintain storage space.

If you want to know for sure whether or not storage is something offered by your current or potential courier service, the best place to check for further information is on their website. Courier companies now routinely list a detailed description of all their services on their webpages, and this can be the best place for you to find out if they offer any specific service such as specific types of warehousing.

If you’re interested in storage from your courier company, you should be sure to ask them how they structure their payments for their specialty services. Some companies will even offer you a discount on added warehouse services if you’re using them to ship your goods. Basically, you’ll have to pay for the space that you require, and the length of time that you’ll be storing your goods. Most companies that only offer storage and warehouse options have a time limitation on how long you can store goods there.