How To Maximize Storage Space

How To Maximize Storage Space

If you’ve ever bought a home before the custom home you’re currently looking to build, People are collectors by nature, and want to have someplace to put all their belongings without their home looking cluttered. Houses are getting smaller, and families seem to be getting bigger.

Even if you don’t particularly care about storage space yourself, or you’re building a custom home in which only you will live, you should still consider it for resale value. If you should ever be in a position where you’d like to sell your home in the future, who would buy it? Have you ever considered painting the interior of your home? By painting your walls with a lighter color, the rooms will look bigger. And on the other hand, by painting the walls a darker color, they absorb the light and make the room look smaller. For more interior painting tips and tricks, visit our friends over at Summit Painting in Anthem, AZ:

When designing an new home, never leave the storage space design to the builder alone. Builders are interested in completing the job to your satisfaction, and if you simply advise them to make “adequate” storage space, that won’t work. “Adequate” space is subjective, and it may not be accomplished in ways you’d like. Take the time to map out how much space you’ll require, and what would be good for resale value. Once you’re able to give your builder a rough sketch of your storage ideas, they can get creative with how to accomplish the tasks at hand. They may even be able to work your initial idea into a cooler concept with Maximizing Storage Space!

  1. Make sure that each item is easily accessible and clearly visible. To help accomplish this, organize cans and packages only 1-2 deep. This may seem to be a waste of space, but the empty space above these cans, jars, and boxes can be filled by using stacking shelves. One row goes underneath the shelf while another row goes on top if it – allowing you to easily fit twice the quantity into the same amount of space. Turntables are perfect for spices can keep each tiny spice container easily seen and in your reach as rotating them puts their entire contents in your line of sight and reach.
  2. Stack cans with their labels visible. Again, this is accomplished by making sure that items are easily accessible and clearly visible. It doesn’t matter if you can see or reach a can if you don’t know the contents.
  3. Adjustable shelves and racks allow you to go from storing 8 ounce cans to storing 32 ounce jars in the same space. Hanging racks allow you to store the stemware that you don’t use every day while pegboards allow you to hang the pots and pans that you do want to use every day.
  4. Store cereal, rice, noodles, and other dried foods in labeled, clear containers. These containers can extend the shelf life of foods while still ensuring that each item is visible.
  5. Store your coffeepot, tea bags, glasses, cups, etc. Put these items together on a shelf or store them in a removable basket so that you can easily find your favorite hot chocolate, tea, or coffee on a cold day.
  6. Plan the pantry for the person who uses it most often. No matter how efficiently organized a pantry may be to one person, it may not be efficiently organized to another. Make sure that your pantry is organized for whoever is going to use it most. If you’re the one using it, select the pantry organization products that makes the most sense for you.

Do you live in an Apartment?

This video shows some awesome tips and tricks to maximize storage space in a small apartment!

Need a Short Term Storage?

If a company offers short term storage, there are two questions that you’re going to need to ask them. You’re going to need establish how much volume you can store with them, and how long. Short term can mean very different things to different companies. Don’t assume that a company will be able to meet your actual storage needs just because they advertise that they offer short term storage. Be sure to see exactly what this entails before you make yourself a plan based on the new service you plan on purchasing.

Although most courier companies have some sort of short term storage solution available by now, many more have also ventured into a full scale warehousing operation. Most couriers that are larger than a few man operation that only operates in a single city have some kind of warehousing available. Again though, the smaller the company, the most limited the available space may be. If you need storage with a smaller company it is always best to get your request in as early as possible. That is the best way to ensure that you’re going to receive the storage space that you want, otherwise you may find that they are at capacity by the time you place your request.

This type of storage may be something that you should be looking for in a courier company. It is much easier to have this option with your existing courier company and courier account rather than having to find a new company in order to provide you with a combined delivery service and special storage option when your company grows and this becomes something more useful to you.

The easiest way to guess whether or not a courier company is going to have short term storage available is based on the size of the company. The larger the size of the courier company, the more likely it is that they have this option available. This is simply due to reasons of space. Any amount of storage, for any length of time, is going to require available space, which costs money. Larger companies are more likely to have the required resources to maintain storage space.

If you want to know for sure whether or not storage is something offered by your current or potential courier service, the best place to check for further information is on their website. Courier companies now routinely list a detailed description of all their services on their webpages, and this can be the best place for you to find out if they offer any specific service such as specific types of warehousing.

If you’re interested in storage from your courier company, you should be sure to ask them how they structure their payments for their specialty services. Some companies will even offer you a discount on added warehouse services if you’re using them to ship your goods. Basically, you’ll have to pay for the space that you require, and the length of time that you’ll be storing your goods. Most companies that only offer storage and warehouse options have a time limitation on how long you can store goods there.

Document Storage

You are not alone when it comes to being overloaded with old documents and paper. It is an issue that is common in many practices alike, but there are solutions out there that allow for an ease of this problem. For most people and businesses, viewing document storage can be seem as a short-term solution that gets rid of old documents, which have no current relevance to them. Although this may be the case, they also realize that there is a great importance of keeping them for auditing purposes or for future reference.

Regardless of the extra attention that is needed to organize document storage, in a more basic term, it merely acts as a reliable backup for your historical documents. This is not only offered via physical offsite storage, but it is also run through storing your documents in a safer concept i.e. in an online system.

Incorporating the use of an offsite document storage facility is of great benefit to those wanting to keep old documents safe and accessible. This is because it will be in a secure premise, which will be protected in a purpose-built environment. On top of this, the conditions within the building are maintained at an optimum level in order to retain the quality of your documents.

When people talk about storage for documents, you immediately assume that they are talking about a warehouse where documents can be archived for a set period of time. Very often sensitive and financial documents need to be kept for a period of up to 10 years to satisfy the government and Inland Revenue.

With many storages for documents companies out there, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right partner for you. Sometimes, document storage is about more than just the storage. It’s about the people that you deal with.

Customer service is of high importance in the storage for documents industry. Whether you are contacting someone for a quote, or you need access to your documents its important that you are greeted with a smile and good manors. It’s also important that the person you are dealing with is knowledgeable about the document storage companies’ procedures and that they can answer your questions on the spot.

For many legal practices its important to know that employees of a document storage company have been thoroughly ‘checked’ before employment. In fact, many legal practices will insist that an employment policy document is made available to them before committing to store their documents in a particular storage facility.

Another big factor when considering a storage for documents facility is the disaster recovery procedures. Imagine what a nightmare it would be to find out that your documents had gone up in smoke. Storage for documents facilities invest huge amounts of money into ensuring fire and flood damage isn’t an issue.

And finally, remember that a cheap solution isn’t always a good solution. You get what you pay for. This is a lesson that many British companies are yet to learn as they focus on profits and not a quality of service. Find yourself a good quality storage for document company and consider what your documents are worth to you. Is it worth saving a few pounds to risk losing them?

A Clean and Well Maintained Facility

Contamination of tanks due to poor maintenance reduces the quality and safety of the finished product. This could then result in reduced credibility of the manufacturing company, thereby, jeopardizing the market. To ensure that storage tanks and vessels are properly cleaned and maintained, company owners invest in equipment for tank cleaning.

Experts do not approve of manual cleaning of the tank interior because the methods involved are substandard and so unsafe and unhygienic. The use of advanced equipment during cleaning ensures that the procedure of cleaning keeps the tanks in standard conditions to meet regulatory compliance. The absence of manual contact also prevents unwarranted chemical exposure of workers. Since the cleaning machines can do it better than humans, the process gets easier and quicker, without jeopardizing production or stealing time that is supposed to be used for production. The cleaning equipment for tanks cuts back on cleanup cost due to reduced need for water, labor, and chemical cleaning agents.

There are many companies that provide cleaning equipment for industries with tanks. The promotion of automated tank cleaning has revolutionized upkeep of industrial, manufacture, and storage areas of companies. There are different types of cleaning equipment depending on whether you have a small tank or a 30-meter wide tank. Also the manner of cleaning and equipment to use depend on the kind of substances the container vessel stores. Your tanks may need light rinsing or thorough washing using high-pressure sprays.

Picking out the right equipment is not that simple. You should also ensure that the equipment delivers efficient cleaning process depending on the kind of tanks you have. You should also consider ergonomics, ease in usage, and the overall optimum performance of the cleaning equipment. This is why you should trust only the reputable suppliers and manufacturers of tank cleaning facilities and equipment. It isn’t bad to be asking for advice regarding the right kind of equipment based on your needs. These instruments are not cheap so make sure you buy the only ones that are appropriate.

Automated tank cleaning systems provide convenience to any manufacturing industry or business that uses containers or tanks. Manufacturers opt for in house tank cleaning equipment to save time and cost. Without such equipment, the company has to do manual cleaning whose results are nowhere near effective as that of automated cleaning. There are instruments well designed to clean any kind of container, no matter how big it is and whether it is movable or not.

24-Hour Surveillance

In a nutshell, 24-Hour Surveillance means ‘keeping under watch’ as an act or a process. Therefore, in general, surveillance has to do with observing something with the aim of discovering changes in behavior. This would be the general meaning of the word, but when mentioned in the modern context, the idea that forms in most typical minds is cameras and spying. The purpose is to unearth why surveillance is beneficial for everyone – government law enforcement agencies, enterprises and general home users.

Law Enforcement

Surveillance systems such as cameras will continue to be a formidable aid to law enforcement agencies. A camera, being a machine, has the alertness and visual capabilities to capture what the human eye of a law enforcement officer won’t.
A surveillance camera equipped with machine vision can help pinpoint speeders and even determine what speed they were driving at in order to define the level of punitive measures. It can pinpoint a stolen vehicle by reading the number plate, a feat that would prove a hassle for the typical officer.

CCTV surveillance is the answer for streets deemed as dangerous. A replay of captured footage makes investigations easy and as short as face recognition and immediate nabbing of the wrong-doer.


Companies/businesses of different sizes can (and do) benefit a lot from surveillance. For an establishment like a supermarket, video surveillance is virtually a must to track shoplifters.

Others that have expensive plants constructed for production have had to introduce surveillance to avert vandalism. Complete reliance on human security personnel has proved totally ineffective.

Surveillance is further useful here to keep tabs on employee activity at the company. Not all members of staff mean well, and most companies – especially those that handle sensitive merchandise – have had to put 24-hour surveillance in place, not to catch usual criminals but to see what employees do when no one is watching!

Surveillance can also prove invaluable if, for an insured company, Insurance providers can be very willing to accept premiums but a lot less willing to take responsibilities when the eventual calamities strike. A sleazy insurer can label an attack by an arsonist as a deliberate act to gain grounds of seeking resettlement without stopping to think that the resettlement amount may not even be enough to cover all losses. Without apt surveillance, it can prove an uphill task to prove anything.

Home Users

The uses of surveillance at home remain entwined with safeguarding against criminal acts such as theft. And because we usually stay at home with our loved ones – our families – security here remains a top priority.

The harm an intruder can cause to loved ones can cause shudders so we won’t delve too deep. We can start at the end of theft or damage to property.

When an intruder enters one’s home, whatever damage is done can be greatly lessened if the offender can be brought to book and prosecuted. This is why you should invest in viable home surveillance systems this instance if you haven’t.

Help the authorities out – the police don’t know everything, and they can’t automatically and immediately have leads on who broke in. How much easier would it be if they could just playback a video footage from a surveillance system or see captured images?

No matter the vehemence with which activists demonstrate against the use of surveillance, we can aggregate the pros and agree to agree that they by far outweigh cons. The need for surveillance for everyone is unquestionable.

Which Unit Size is Best For You?

People planning to rent a self storage unit need to find out several things first about what a provider offers. This should be a priority so that you avoid any regrets later on.

Among the important features you have to look into are the accessible location, unit sizes available, security system in place, customer access to units and the fees. Customers these days have many sizes of self storage units to choose from. All you need is to pick the ideal one where your belongings will fit in.

In choosing a storage unit, make sure it’s not too big or not too small that won’t allow you to move around. Instead of getting a very small one, it’s better to play safe and rent a bigger one with just enough space allowance for perhaps additional boxes. You might need to add more stuff in there as time goes by so if there’s extra room available in the unit, at least you won’t need to rent another one and therefore save money.

To make sure you’re getting the right size, you might want to measure your boxes at home and make a floor plan. This way, you will know what unit to choose and how to organize your things inside.

It’s also a good idea to personally visit the facility you’re considering. This will give you first-hand information of the sizes of units they have and the one that will best fit your needs. Remember that not all self storage facilities have the same sizes of rental units.

If in case you have difficulty determining the appropriate unit size to rent for your personal belongings, feel free to consult the staff of the facility. They should have a reliable person who is experienced in assessing the customer’s needs.

This will give you an idea of what you can store there should you be facing space problems at home or in your office and need to store important items in a safe place.

Locker – Ideal for storing documents and small boxes.

5 x 5 – This is similar to a hall closet where you can store boxes and small furniture.

5 x 10 – This is equivalent to a walk-in closet type which can accommodate a living room or bedroom set.

10 x 15 – About the size of a large bedroom.

10 x 20 – About the same size as a single garage.

10 x 25 – Similar to a large garage in size.

10 x 30 – Equivalent to a one and a half car garage.

Whether you’re storing appliances or furniture only or a combination of clothing, furniture, appliances and other home decors, what’s important is you pick the right unit size. Never underestimate the essence of early planning and doing your homework as they can really guide you in making the right decision.

Most people aren’t aware there are many types of storage units and even self storage facilities, but the truth is there are many forms of storage for different needs. It’s important to understand your storage options as otherwise, you may end up paying too much for protection you don’t need or worse.

Climate Controlled Storage

Indoor units may be climate controlled, which means the unit is kept within a specific temperature and humidity range due to an HVAC system. Climate controlled storage costs more but it’s the best way to protect sensitive belongings from extreme temperature or humidity.

Vehicle Storage

There are two types of vehicle storage: outdoor and indoor storage. Many self storage facilities offer large enough drive-up storage units to safely store RVs, motorcycles, cars, and boats from the elements. Another option is renting an outdoor parking space. This is a good option if you don’t have the space yourself and prefer your vehicle be stored under surveillance. Most parking spaces are uncovered although some facilities rent covered parking that’s similar to a carport. At the very least, a covered parking space will have a roof to protect your RV, boat, truck, or car from the elements.

Interior Units

The most basic type of unit is located inside a building. Interior storage is by far the most affordable although it’s not the most convenient. The only way to access the unit is via the building hallway and your access may be limited by building hours. This type of storage unit isn’t appropriate for anything too large to fit through a hallway.

Self Storage Pros and Cons

The self storage industry in the country is one of those sectors that have been consistently thriving in the last few years. The self storage business is one of the most lucrative ones as there are always people who are in the process of moving houses or commercial establishments. Furthermore, space is slowly becoming one of the major concerns of all businesses and commercial ventures, not to mention private owners. Owing to the professional profits of such a venture, and the fact that the demand for self storage facilities is perpetually high, there exist numerable options of facilities for any prospective customer to choose from. However, the selection process is where most people flounder and get confused. It is not easy to select a good storage facility without appropriate research and knowledge. Following are some tips for a prospective customer on how to analyze the pros and cons of a self storage facility.


The location of the storage facility should be the first thing to be analyzed. A self storage facility, far from the target house or office would lead to a lot of time and money being wasted on transporting the belongings. Therefore, the closer the unit, the more cost effective and efficient becomes the whole process, for the renter.


The size of the storage facility, as is obvious, is also important. It would certainly not do for the prospective customer to select a facility that does not have storage units of the right size with respect to his or her needs. This would result in the prospective customer having to go through the whole selection process again, or settle for a storage unit that is either too big or too small.


Different renters use storage spaces for multiple purposes and multiple types of belongings. Depending on the exact kind of use that the self storage facility is being put through, the prospective customer will have to decide the kind of services he or she will need in order to keep his or her items intact. Although these services result in extra charges, they are sometimes crucial for the belongings’ safety. For example, pieces of art such as paintings require the right kind of temperature to survive without damage. Some services that can be acquired are climate control, extra security, pick up and drop of belongings, etc.


The person looking to rent the storage space from the self storage facility should ensure that he or she has an established budget and that he or she adheres to it strictly. It is not uncommon for a prospective renter to end up spending much more than what he or she had estimated in the beginning. The prospective renter should take into account the kind of deposit that is required, extra services that he may require, default fines, etc. He should be aware of the fact that repetitive defaulting of monthly rentals leads to the belongings in the storage space being confiscated.

After all, can’t you just go ahead and ask someone else to do it for you? Well, it’s not quite that easy. But, then again, it could be. So the question is – what are a few pros and cons of self storage?


First of all, you get to handle your stuff. No one else – it’s just you. This is a pretty good thing since you don’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t care all that much about your stuff tossing it around. So, in short, you don’t have to worry about anything getting broken by other people.

This means that if someone does happen to go into your storage without you know, they’ll have it on tape and might even catch them before they even come out. Or before they get in. However, if they don’t have the key, they’ll have to go through some work in order to get it.


As for cons, you have to understand that not all storage companies actually put tapes in their cameras.

If someone has your code and can pick locks, they might be able to get into your storage anyways. However, lock picks are illegal and it normally takes a few minutes to pick a lock-in order to see what they were doing, they’d need light.

Self Storage Benefits

The Many Self Storage Benefits

Self Storage Benefits seem to spring up almost daily. At one time they were just a business that had some extra room they wanted to make profit so the let people use the space for a fee. Homeowners are already benefiting much from self storage. But it’s not only them who are taking advantage of this facility today because businesses are also recognizing the importance of self storage.

Facilities offering storage rental units can meet a variety of business needs. When space is an issue, this is where self storage becomes very useful.

A situation when companies can make good use of a commercial storage facility is during its expansion. This is possible for small businesses that want to expand their office space or shop and need to store old furniture and equipment. Or they may not necessarily want to move to a bigger space but just need to keep inventories, documents and used equipment no longer being used.

When it comes to utilizing space, renting a self storage unit is a cheaper alternative to expanding an office space for the sole purpose of having more space to keep important items. Storage facilities are even more advantageous to use as they are kept secured all the time. A security guard can be assigned there and fire alarms, as well as surveillance cameras, are installed in most buildings offering rental units of different sizes.

Apart from keeping used furniture and equipment, self storage units can also be used to store inventories. They serve in the same way as warehouses but they’re a cheaper option. In fact, they can even be used as distribution centers. When used as such, it is possible for business companies to dispatch their items even at short notice any time of the day.

Another situation during which businesses may need a storage space is when they relocate to a new area. Moving and transporting items can’t be done one time and so certain items may have to be stored temporarily while the new office is still being fixed up. The good news is that while these rental units are meant primarily to store items, they can actually serve as a temporary office or meeting room as well. The climate controlled type is best fit for this purpose.

A storage facility today can also serve as a meeting point of sales representatives. Businesses involved in the selling of products can have their sales representatives meet there to pick up their stocks before proceeding to their respective areas. This set up is ideal for companies that have their main offices outside of the city as it can save time and effort. With a rental unit to store their stocks, the sales representatives no longer have to go to their main office but could just collect their stocks from the Self Storage Benefits.

Many businesses these days no matter how small they may be have large volumes of stocks to keep and not all have sufficient space in their office. But with Self Storage Benefits, they can just rent a specific size of the unit where their stocks can fit and pay a minimum amount every month or on a seasonal basis moving forward.

Self Storage Investment

If you are looking at self-storage facilities as an investment opportunity, check this out! Frank explains the many benefits of investing in this type of Real Estate.